Photograph from Triggered development performance
Image description: Photograph of a person standing behind a black counter, with their face distorted through layers of glass and projection. They are wearing a blue-green dressing gown, holding a cup of tea, and have a stainless steel kettle in front of them. The background is black with blue smoke around the floor. The performer is Janette Hoe

TRIGGERED is a live performance work in development that communicates the experience of dissociating whilst maintaining a mostly functioning life. The development process explores ways of communicating, with BODY, SOUND and IMAGE, the lived experience of one woman with a history of childhood trauma.

TRIGGERED is the concept of director Rebecca H Russell, and it draws on her own experience of living with a history of childhood abuse. Drawing on the stored energy of emotions in her body and mind, TRIGGERED aims to express the raw emotions of trauma, transferred into a show with dance, sound, projection and illusion. TRIGGERED is an experiential performance blurring the lines of reality and illusion, shifting the audiences perception by tricking them into believing one reality before exposing another to simulate the lost moments and patterns of the mind during dissociation after being triggered.

TRIGGERED ventures into dark places but always emerges into a place of bravery and hope with good doses of humour and intrigue.

TRIGGERED brings together an exciting team of Regional and Melbourne based artists: movement artist (butoh and trance dance) Janette Hoe, Physical performer Christy Flaws, sound artist Thembi Soddell, video artist Dotahn Caspi and designer Ken Evans.  TRIGGERED uses technology with a medieval mindset.  During the development process, the collaborating artists will work with health professionals and a targeted audience of adults living with a history of childhood trauma.

Text taken from the Punctum website.