thembi soddell

Held Down, Expanding Doorway
Image description: A photo of an open doorway framed by black. Inside, in the centre, is a reclined chair and 7 small speakers above, around and beside it pointing toward the chair, all lit by dim red light
A Dense Mass logo
Image description: A black circle with “A Dense Mass” written across its centre

Concrete poetry from Love Songs
Image description: A black square with layers of text of different contrast and spacing that reads “Nothing is happening” over and over across the bottom half in the form of concrete poetry

Dr Thembi Soddell is a sound artist, electroacoustic composer and practice-based researcher, whose work is focused on representing and understanding the felt mental impact of trauma, emotional distress and so-called mental illness through the intensity of abstract, acousmatic sound. Their most recent album Love Songs is streaming at Self-Titled Magazine and an audio paper discussing the concepts behind its making is on Liquid Architecture’s online journal Disclaimer. A paper discussing their practice-based research method of experiential listening has also been published in Organised Sound. Thembi is of European (Polish-Australian Anglo-Celtic) descent, born on Dja Dja Wurrung Country and living in the rural Victoria town of Clunes, Australia.

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