the sound of your name is a song

Image description: Video documentation of “The Sound of Your Name is a Song” installation at First-Site Gallery Melbourne. The video shows a person sitting in, and then walking around, a dimly lit gallery space surrounded by speakers on plinth. Footage filmed and edited by Bruce Mowson with sound by Thembi Soddell.

The Sound of Your Name is a Song was a collaborative 8-speaker sound installation created by Sianna Lee, Bruce Mowson, Andie Reynolds, Thembi Soddell and Polly Stanton in 2000 while they were studying their undergraduate degree at RMIT University – a BA of Media Arts. Each artist composed a track using the sound of each others voices and names as source material, transcending each name’s function as a label and transforming them into textural soundscapes.  These tracks were played back consecutively within a darkened gallery  to remove focus from the visual and enhance the listening experience. This work was exhibited at First-Site Gallery, RMIT, and won the 2000 Melbourne Fringe Festivals Visual Arts Award.