Choreographed by Tim Darbyshire

"A quietly unsettling and revelatory investigation into the crossroads of our senses"  
Varia Karipoff, RealTime Arts
MORE OR LESS CONCRETE is an analytical performance work, centred on introverted & contained bodies that observe & listen. Through the act of listening they produce 'audible movements' as they pass  through cyclical patterns, transcend thought & embody meditative states. 
The bodies are abstracted as they transform between 
machine & 

The choreography oscillates & suspends between recognisable ‘concrete’ realities & ambiguous or surrealistic states.  

This dichotomy is further enhanced through the colour blue, which permeates the work. Blue creates space where receding and ephemeral qualities contrast the harshness of the physical.

More or Less Concrete premiered at Arts House in Melbourne 2012, 2013 for Dance Massive & 2014 at Noorderzon Festival in the Netherlands. 

Choreographer:  Tim Darbyshire
Performers:  Sophia Cowen, Tim Darbyshire, Matthew Day (understudy:  Josh Mu)
Sound Designer:  Jem Savage
Sound Theorist/Dramaturge:  Thembi Soddell
Set and Lighting Designer:  Bosco Shaw
Producer:  Kara Ward
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