HOST (2012)
Collaborative album with Anthea Caddy

"Unfamiliar, unforeseen, uncompromising. A dramatic message by two brilliant owners of discriminating ears and sharp brains."  Massimo Ricci - Touching Extremes
The physical environment—be it an empty corridor, a crowded city street, or a vast open space—can affect and distort a person’s perceptual state. In turn, a person’s existing psychology can alter their perception of that same environment. This creates a dynamic interplay between physical reality, sensory perception, and psychological interpretation. In their new album ​​​Host, Australian sound artists Anthea Caddy and Thembi Soddell draw on this phenomenon, examining how aural explorations of physical environments can be used to express psychological experience. 
Host presents the culmination of these explorations, through the combination of field recording, instrumental performance, sampling and digital composition. Recorded in scientifically controlled spaces and unpredictable natural and man-made environments, sampler and cello interact to generate acoustically opposing atmospheres. These recordings have been carefully edited, and interwoven with field recordings and textural sound samples, to emphasise sound's ability for psychological impact. As a result, Host is a series of electroacoustic compositions that that define new, dense and sonically detailed environments, to highlight and shadow the interaction between human psyche and the physical world.
Track One: Dissembling 20'30"

Track Two: A Shut in Place 8'23"

Track Three: Intimate Geometry 9'57"