Australian Field Recording Tour and Installation with Camilla Hannan and Tarab

"A unique space that stops the audience from being an inactive observer of the landscape and enables them to actively engage with what is essentially a little room of Australia"
Sam Gilles - Resonate Magazine
Camilla Hannan, Thembi Soddell, and Tarab (Eamon Sprod) toured to Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin, Perth, Melbourne, and Bendigo, collecting field recordings and performing live in each location. The performances evolved throughout the tour, incorporating new recordings from each location. Each artist's performance reflected their individual perceptions of the journey and distinctly different approaches to sound composition.
A collaborative 6-channel installation exhibited in Perth, commissed by the Totally Huge New Music Festival. Each artist composed 30-60 minutes worth of sound material from field recordings made on the tour. These compositions were then played on random through six-speakers scattered throughout the Tura Festival Hub. These sounds were accompanied by photographs and found junk collected during the tour.​ An onsite inteview with the artists by Julian Day from ABC’s Classic FM, including recordings of the sound within the exhibition, can be heard here.
The Artefact performance has a wide dynamic range. For greatest impact, volume is best adjusted for the loudest point to be at high volume before listening in full.